Rev Choo Yee Kee

Lead Pastor (Chinese)

Rev. Choo was born in Malaysia and is married to Lim Chu Kan. They have two children, eldest daughter Sheng En and a younger son Zhong Yang.

Both Rev. Choo and his wife studied in Chin Lien Bible Seminary. They graduated in 1984 and began their ministry in Newton Life Church.

Rev Vincent Lim

Lead Pastor (English)

Born in Singapore, Reverend Vincent graduated from Singapore Bible College with Bachelor of Theology / Master of Arts in Theological Studies in 2008.

He is married to Sister Emily Chia and they are blessed with 3 children, Gracia,Samuel and Sarah. He loves reading and enjoy cycling, swimming, rollerblading, driving and of course, preaching the Gospel!

Ps Lee Ee Foo

Generation Pastor (Children)

Ee Foo is currently the Children Ministry Pastor at Newton Life Church. Prior to this, he has served as a pastoral staff at Yio Chu Kang Chapel for 5 years. In 2013, he graduated from East Asia School of Theology with a Master of Divinity degree (Teaching & Exposition). He desires to help children build their lives upon God's Word and see them grow up to become men and women of God. Ee Foo is happily married to Huey Ming for 18 years. He enjoys reading and watching movies.

Ps Philo Lo

Generation Pastor (Youth)

Pastor Philo is currently the Youth Ministry Pastor. He is born in Singapore, but grew up in Pontianak, the capital of the province West Kalimantan in Indonesia during his childhood until the year 1998. He has served with the Singapore Armed Forces as a regular before heeding God’s call to study in Singapore Bible College. By God’s grace, he graduated with a Master of Divinity (Pastoral Ministry) in 2022. Anything music, sports and coffee is in his DNA, and he hopes to connect lives through these various platforms (and much more) that God has wonderfully created, graciously given. Feel free to have coffee with him!

Ps Simon Ong

Generation Pastor­­­ (Young Adults/Adults - Chinese)­

Pastor Simon was born in Raub Pahang, Malaysia. After graduating from university, he worked in IT industry for 8 years. In 2014, he responded to God's call and entered Singapore Bible College. In 2017, he received a Master's Degree in Divinity. After graduation, he joined Newton Life Church and started to serve full-time. He currently oversees the Small Group Ministry. Pastor Simon and Pastor Jocelyne got married in 2011, and they have three sons, Shawn, Sheldon. and Sherwyn.
Surrounded by mountains (Fraser's Hill, Genting Highlands and Cameron Highlands), his hometown not only has pleasant scenery but is also known as the ``Town of Musang King``. Brothers and sisters who are fond of nature and durian, don't say Bojio, let's pick a date to travel together!

Ps Frank Mok

Generation Pastor (Senior - Chinese)

Pastor Frank Mok was born in Hong Kong.
He is married with two children.
By God's grace, he became a Christian when he was a teenager.

In 1990, he moved to Singapore, working in corporate finance and administrative management for many years and has also employed in local charity hospitals.
While working, he completed a part-time course on Church Ministry at Singapore Bible College in 2013.
In May 2019, Pastor Frank graduated from the Singapore Baptist Theological Seminary with a Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies, and received a Master of Divinity in the following year.

He currently focuses on Senior Ministry.

Ps Jocelyne Lio

Pastor Jocelyne grew up in a Christian family in Pahang, Malaysia. As a teenager, she responded to God's calling and dedicated her life to serving the Lord. She graduated from Singapore Bible College with a Bachelor degree and a Master degree in Church Music in 2010 and 2017. She had served full-time in a Methodist Church in Malaysia, also provided worship and choir training in churches of different denominations. She is married to Pastor Simon Ong in 2011 and they have three sons - Shawn, Sheldon, Sherwyn. Together, they joined the full-time ministry at Newton Life Church in July 2017. Pastor Jocelyne currently oversees the Worship Ministry.