Pass on LOVE

Just before the end of 2020, I was looking back and reflecting about our busy schedule of recording worship videos throughout the year, and we were busy until midnight every week. Why? I thought about my mission called by God: to pass on love – to preach the gospel of Christ, to spread the love of Christ!

The most important mission of the church is to make disciples of all nations. The church must, all the more, awaken all believers, establish disciples, send disciples, and preach the gospel.

The gospel shouldn’t just stay within the church, and shouldn’t just be told to believers. The love of Christ is universal love, is for the world. His salvation and mercy should not only be for us, but also for all those who believe in and follow Him. Therefore, not only must the gospel of Christ and the love of Christ be preserved within the four walls of the church, they must also be passed on to the people outside of the church and to the next generation.

Don’t wait any longer, let us pass on “love” together!

Pastor Simon