One more for Jesus

Dear NLC brothers and sisters,

Shalom! Every Chinese New Year, I would visit our church’s elderly as well as our brothers and sisters’ pre-believing elderly parents. During CNY, most of the seniors welcome our visitations. CNY is an opportunity to reach out and build new friendships. I would also keep in touch with them after CNY visits. Eventually, these new friends would become my target audience to spread the gospel.

In the past few years, I visited the parents of Sister Sharon Low. When Mr. Low was ill and hospitalised, I would go to the hospital to visit him, give care, and pray for him. I also seized every opportunity to plant the gospel seed in his heart and watered it.

During the CNY in 2017, my wife and I visited Mr. and Mrs. Low. We chatted with them and shared with them the gospel. In response, Mr. Low said he wanted to believe in Jesus. Sister Sharon was surprised. Mr. Low was already 89 years old back then, I led him to pray the salvation prayer word after word. Thereafter, as he was old and physically weak, I encouraged him to prepare for baptism when following up with him.

Last year, Brother Low said that he desired baptism, yet Mrs. Low was not ready, hence he put the baptism plan on hold. After CNY this year, the Covid-19 virus began to spread in Singapore. Brother Low Kim Chua reaffirmed that he wanted to get baptised. To fulfil his wish, I baptised for him at his home. Thank God, a few months after his baptism, he was peacefully called home to be with our Lord on the morning of 29th August 2020. Remember! Life is about Mission. May the Lord help us to always be on the lookout to reach and save “one more for Jesus”.

Rev Choo