Going the Extra Mile

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

To curb corona virus transmission, all on-site church activities were suspended. Serving opportunities seem to be restricted. However, if we divert our attention to our fellow believers or neighbourhood communities, we will notice that opportunities to love and serve others are all around us. This is the time to live out our faith during this difficult COVID-19 period.

Sister Mak Lai Pin had been feeling fatigue and was admitted to the hospital in late June for a full-body scan and an endoscopic gastrointestinal examination. The result revealed that her ovaries had two 3-cm tumours. The operation date was scheduled on 2nd July (Thursday). That day, our regular Senior Fellowship gathered online via ZOOM and prayed for Lai Pin. Then she went into the operating room. After more than three hours of surgery, the tumours were removed. Thank God the tumours were benign.

On 5th July, the doctor said that Lai Pin could be discharged and brother Neo Yeo Chin called me. I went to the hospital and drove them home. Along the way, we praised the Lord for His grace and healing. When we returned home, through testimony, thanksgiving, sharing and prayer, once again, we gave glory to the Lord.

As a follower of Christ, let us put our love into action – practice hospitality and generosity; learn to help and give to others; genuinely care for others. Jesus said, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did not do it to one of the least of these, you did not do it to me.’ (Matthew 25:45) Dear NLC brothers and sisters, in Christ we are one family, may the Lord help us to go the extra mile today to assist someone who is in need.

Rev Choo