We give thanks to the Lord for Newton Life Church – our church celebrated its 65th Anniversary on 4 October.

This year, 2020, has turned out to be one that no one expected. Lives have been lost and many have been displaced geographically, economically and spiritually.

What we used to experience, is now very different. For NLC, we have also been impacted. As we looked back over this last 6 months, God has kept our church family safe but the church family has also been impacted.

We are living in an unfamiliar new world. There were many firsts for NLC. Like many churches, we have been worshipping online with Sunday Service @ Home. In addition, we have our SGs, our fellowships, our prayer meetings and our Bible Study all also online. On 27 Sep, we had our first virtual E-AGM for the Congregational Members. Another first! We find ourselves meeting in very new environment but still worshipping the same Almighty God. We give thanks to our God for everything new!

All this while, the church at 16 Newton Road remained empty. But the church of God is NOT empty. We have been deployed into our own homes and our families. Our God has not gone missing or off track. Our God is still faithful and working out his purpose through our family and you. Indeed, during this pandemic our God opened the minds of the leadership to His new Vision for NLC.

Our new Vision is…

To build generations of Christ-like Family.
Faith is expressed through Life empowered by God’s Mission.

God impressed upon the leaders it begins with each of us in our families. No one can stop what God has set out to do in our families. God desires for us to build a new generation of Christ-like warriors that will lead their family home to the Lord.

We are excited what God is doing and believe God will bless the work of our hands intended to bring focus upon the family nucleus for his Kingdom’s glory.

Take time to view or view again this video of the Vision of NLC. Consider your role God has placed upon your heart in in your family and the NLC family.

We continue to remember and pray for you and your family. May the Lord guide, protect and bless each one of you.

God’s Blessings,
Elder Jeffrey Tang