Beach Clean Up

Dear Brothers and Sisters of NLC, Shalom! This week, I’d like to share about our seminarian intern Jennet’s experience of leading our young people to serve the community.

“As part of my school spirituality project, we are to identify the needs in the community and invite others to join us. There are many things that our group wanted to do. However, due to the Covid19 situation, we do not have many choices. So, we decided to do beach cleaning at East Coast Park on 8th September. Our team was formed with 4 members and we distributed the task equally. Some bought gloves and a garbage bag. Others liaise with the public organization (Public Hygiene Council) for Beach cleaning. Each member is to invite another four persons to form a group of five per grouping, in compliance with the regulations stipulated by the Singapore government for safety.

The first thing that came to my mind is to invite the young sisters from my FE church. Pastor Vincent has always encouraged me to make intentional discipleship. So, in the past, I usually make time to meet with Bernice and Peace. Our activity includes visiting around Singapore, eating local food, sharing life, and prayer. Sometimes Hui Zhen will join us also. Due to Covid19, I hardly see the sisters from the church but I believed this project is a great tool to reconnect with them. Since Bernice is working, I invited Peace and Hui Zhen. I also explained to them what this project is about. Peace agreed. But Hui Zhen hesitated at the beginning (the need to travel and wake up early) but she also agreed to the activity out of the love for me. Peace was the one who arranges the meeting point.

It was encouraging that the invited boys and girls came readily to join us. The activity was commenced with a word of prayer. A total of eight bags of trash were collected and every participant was tired after one hour under the hot weather. After the activity, the group was dismissed into two smaller groups which gathered for meals and fellowship. I was encouraged to see Peace and Hui Zhen served willingly without grumbling. The unity in the team made work efficient and effective. This reminded me that Christian spirituality is not only individual practice but a communal one. It is through interaction and relationship that we can encourage one another and grow together in Christ. Christian spirituality can also be practice through caring for the environment. ”

Let us imitate Christ’s love, take actions to bless those around us this week. 💖😇✝️
Pastor Jocelyne