Two weeks ago, I received a WhatsApp message from a very good friend whom I have known for 30 years. In his message, he requested me to pray for divine strength to help him stay calm in his meeting call at 10am of the day. As he sounded urgent, I quickly texted him back with a prayer and he replied with love and gratitude. His reply tells me that he was very touched and appreciative that a friend could pray for him when he needed it.

Praise the Lord! He told me the meeting went well and he was able to keep calm during the discussion. More important, he recognized God has helped him to practice self-control.

As I wanted to find out more about his work issues, the next morning, at 7am, we met up at Bedok Reservoir Park for a walk. We walked and we also shared the issues in our lives with one another. And we ended the morning with each of us savoring a bowl of delicious prawn noodles. Though the walk and breakfast only lasted for two hours, I felt it was really a fruitful and refreshing morning with a dear friend.

• We managed to exercise for one hour.
• We admired the beautiful view of calm waters.
• We shared our lives with one another.
• We talked about religion and work.
• We listened to one another.
• I prayed for him at the breakfast table.
• And we both had a good breakfast.

Brothers and sisters, would you spend two hours of your day with a friend? Praying, caring, walking, listening, sharing and eating together? If you have a heart to do it for a friend, I believe God shall make it a fruitful and refreshing day for both you and your friend.

Be a good steward of God’s time, spend your day wisely by loving and caring for someone.

In His Love,
Rev Vincent