The blue gas cylinder

What is so special about this blue gas cylinder?

Last Sunday sermon, from Psalm 138, reminds us to praise and give thanks to God for His goodness in our lives. One of David’s reasons for giving thanks to God is that God answered him when he called (Psalm 138:3). Indeed God is faithful, not just to David but also to us, and He will surely answer us when we sincerely call upon Him. But have we really call upon Him and sincerely ask?

There were very 3 specific requests that I asked God when I started my ministry with NLC about 3 years ago. One of those specific requests was: I will not run out of gas as long as I am serving in this Church. I told Him that I will leave NLC once I run out of gas. And the very blue gas in the photo did not fail to supply me the gas for my cooking for the past 3 years. It may be a coincidence, but I do believe that coincidences happen more frequently and regularly when we ask and pray to God (as one of the evangelists, Canon J. John used to say).

But it is not the gas in the cylinder that I am thankful for and I praise Him for. With my whole heart, I praise Him and give thanks to Him because He answered me when I called Him. I praise Him because He regards the lowly like me. I praise Him because He was and will continue to fulfill His purpose for with His steadfast love. I praise Him because He did not and will never forsake the work of His hands in my life.

What about you? Do you have anything specific that you can praise Him for and give thanks to Him? If you don’t have any, maybe it is the time for you to sincerely calling upon Him.

Ps. Enos Nugraha