To establish a well-equipped church library with abundant print and non-print resources, excellent services, good management and internet access so as to make it one of the best church libraries in Singapore.


No application from the library is needed. The Church Membership and Library Card will be issued to both types of members by the church admin office respectively.

When a baptised member becomes a church member, he/she must surrender his/her library card to the church admin office upon the receipt of the church membership card.

Applicant must attend NLC Worship Service or other activities (eg. Fellowship, Cell Groups etc) regularly for a minimum attendance of 4 consecutive Sundays and must be recommended by a church member.

Applicant whose age is between 3 to 12 years old must be recommended by his/her parent or guardian, who must be a church member.

Upon approval, a $10 deposit will be collected. Applicant will receive a temporary privilege card for borrowing until an actual library card is issued to him/her.

Upon the receipt of the Library Card, the $10 deposit will be refunded to the applicant and the temporary Privilege Card must be returned to the Library. A $2 penalty will be imposed on him/her if the temporary Privilege Card is damaged, lost or stolen.

Visiting VIP must return his/her VIP Card to the Chief Librarian upon his/her departure or expiry of the VIP Card, whichever, is earlier.


The use of the Membership/Library/Temporary Privilege Card is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • All Cards are non-transferable
  • Users must produce their Membership/Library/Temporary Privilege Card upon borrowing
  • Membership and Library Cardholders are entitled to borrow a maximum of 4 items. Temporary Privilege Cardholder is entitled to borrow a maximum of 2 items only
  • Any form of special borrowing request must be approved by the Chief Librarian. The Library reserves the right to reject any borrowing as it deems necessary
  • All Reference items and current issue Magazines are not allowed to be taken out of the Library

  • Cardholder is wholly responsible for any damaged, lost or stolen items
  • Cardholder shall inform the Counter Duty Librarians of any damage to the borrowed items

  • Except for Reference items and current issue Magazines, all resources are allowed to be on loan for a period of 3 weeks
  • Renewal is only allowed if the borrowed items have not been reserved by other Users. During renewal, the Cardholder must produce his/her Membership/Library/Temporary Privilege Card together with the intended renewal items

  • Overdue for 3 weeks, phone call or SMS reminder will be sent out to Cardholder. The overdue items are to be returned promptly

  • All overdue items will be imposed with a fine of 10 cents per item per week


It is the responsibility of the Cardholder to promptly report any damaged, lost or stolen card to the library. Failing which, the Cardholder shall be wholly responsible for any misuse of the card by others.

A non-refundable processing fee of $10 will be charged for a replacement card.


Cardholders are requested to inform the Library of any change in their personal particulars for the purpose of maintaining updated user information in the Library’s Computer System.

We look forward to serving you better!



Every Sunday: 11.45 AM (or after worship) to 12.30 PM


(a) Food and drink are not permitted in the library.

(b) Please be considerate at all times. Do not play or talk loudly in the library.

(c) Your co-operation is greatly appreciated.