Don’t Let This Crisis Go To Waste

This Covid-19 pandemic is an important turning point in the history of the world. While the death toll is high, a higher toll is in the damage to confidence in the future of this world. In other words, the greatest injury the world is the loss of hope for a better life.

Many countries and communities are coming out of this pandemic worse than before. The wealthiest of first world countries are the most hard hit.

As disciples of Jesus, how has this pandemic affected us as a church community?

· Have we become more united or divided?
· Are we now more focus in life or more distracted?
· Have we become more prayerful or resentful?
· Have we drawn closer to God or moving further away from Him?

If God wants our lives to remain the same as before, He would not have allowed this crisis to happen. Crisis accelerates change, for better or for worse.

Now that this has happened under the sovereign hand of God, we must pray and also ask ourselves:

· Lord, how then should we live?
· What needs to change that we may love You more?
· What new opportunities are You leading us into?
· How can we be a more effective witness to those who have lost hope?

This pandemic is a God-given opportunity for us, as His people, to turn the world’s eyes to Jesus – the hope of salvation.

Don’t let this crisis go to waste.

Chan Mun