Pastoral Team

Rev. Choo Yee Kee
Office Number: 6252 4206 (ext 102)

Rev. Choo was born in Malaysia and is married to Lim Chu Kan. They have two children, eldest daughter Sheng En and a younger son Zhong Yang.

Both Rev. Choo and his wife studied in Chin Lien Bible Seminary. They graduated in 1984 and began their ministry in Newton Life Church.

Pastor Vincent Lim Hwee Chong
Office Number: 6252 4206 (ext 131)

Born in Singapore, Pastor Vincent graduated from Singapore Bible College with Bachelor of Theology / Master of Arts in Theological Studies in 2008.

He is married to Sister Emily Chia and they are blessed with a daughter, Gracia. He loves reading and enjoy cycling, swimming, rollerblading, driving and of course, preaching the Gospel!

Elder Ng Boon Teck
Office Number: 6252 4206 (ext 105

Elder Boon Teck was baptized in 1995 and served in NLC choir. He married the church pianist Teo Suey Sung in 1998. In 2000, he became a deacon, and served as a secretary in the Session. He also served in the Membership Ministry, which is responsible for the welcoming and nurturing of new friends, as well as the handling of matters relating to baptism and membership. In 2006, with God's grace, he joined the pastoral team and has been helping in the planning and implementation of various church activities, and served in the Magnification Ministry and Membership Ministry. Boon Teck was appointed as an Elder in 2011, and he continued his service in Magnification Ministry, Admin Department and Small Group Ministry. Elder Boon Teck also teaches Sunday school, leads in the praise and worship, delivers message during both the Sunday Worship Service and Senior Fellowship. Boon Teck and Suey Sung love travelling especially free-and-easy travelling.